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Multi Stream daemon Lite (msd_lite)

- this lightweight version of Multi Stream daemon (msd).
The software is distributed under a BSD open source license.

Deprecated, use Multi Stream daemon (msd)

Lite Version Features

  • Open source
  • BSD License
  • No deadlocks threads during operation
  • Receiving only udp-multicast, including rtp streams
  • Not available options URL: precache and blocksize
  • No polling to send out to clients fUsePollingForSend
  • No analyzer MPEG2-TS stream, and “smart” shipping MPEG2-TS header new clients


All available settings in the config file msd_lite.conf
The settings are identical for the same settings in the msd.conf.
HubProfileList section should contain only one template hubProfile.
Section sourceProfileList should contain only one template sourceProfile.
Section RADIUS, limits, streamProxy channelList and are not supported in the Lite version, and will be ignored, just like any other unknowns sections and options.


  • The program uses the /tmp to store the circular buffers, make sure that /tmp is writable and has sufficient free space. For storage buffer per channel is required ringBufSize
  • sndBuf shall not be less than twice the rcvLowat
  • To avoid spilling pictures rcvBuf better not fall below 256kb.


msd_lite -v -c /root/msd_lite/msd_lite.conf
see: msd_lite -h


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