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Line 72: Line 72:
 </code> </code>
-To disable output remove: "-l com1,stdio"+To disable output remove: "-l com1,stdio" \\
 "1/0/0" - PCI dev ident, same as in loader.conf. "1/0/0" - PCI dev ident, same as in loader.conf.
Line 78: Line 78:
 4. Configure OpenWRT: 4. Configure OpenWRT:
 <code> <code>
-uci set network.lan.ipaddr=''+uci set network.lan.ipaddr=''
 uci set network.lan.netmask='' uci set network.lan.netmask=''
-uci set network.lan.gateway=' set network.lan.gateway='
-uci add_list network.lan.dns=''+uci add_list network.lan.dns=''
 uci commit network uci commit network
 /etc/init.d/network restart /etc/init.d/network restart
 opkg update opkg update
-opkg install luci+opkg install luci wpad-mesh-wolfssl iwlwifi-firmware-iwl3168 kmod-iwlwifi
 </code> </code>
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