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Multi Stream daemon (msd)

- is a program for organizing streaming IP TV on the network via HTTP.
One server can serve thousands of clients simultaneously.

The focus is on maximum performance, as well as a variety of subtle adjustments related to the perceptual quality of customer service: speed channel switching, fault tolerance transfer.

Implemented proxying one to many: the data received via the one HTTP connection to be given away to the set of connected clients.

Also available lite version Multi Stream daemon Lite (msd_lite) open source under the BSD license.

Supported OS

  • FreeBSD
  • Linux


  • support for IPv4 and IPv6
  • analyzer MPEG2-TS stream
  • Zero Copy on Send (ZCoS) - reduces the overhead of service connected clients, all the work of sending the data to the client assumes the OS kernel
  • support half closed http clients
  • receiving udp-multicast, including rtp, simultaneously with different interfaces
  • receiving tcp-http-get (in a single stream and broadcast to multiple clients)
  • automatic shut-off from the sources if there is no connected clients
  • the use of various TCP Congestion Control algorithms depending on the port to which the client came and the URL the client's request
  • “smart” sending MPEG2-TS headers new customers
  • instantaneous sending new client data from the ring buffer in order to minimize waiting times start playback
  • sending any additional http headers in requests and responses
  • Templates settings for Stream Hub and Stream Src
  • detailed statistics for each TCP connection, to help you find problems at the network level

How it works


Configuration file: msd.conf


msd -v -c /root/msd/msd.conf
see: msd -h



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